Unconvincing claim that ‘anyone can be PM’

P Ramakrishnan

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s comment that it is possible for anyone, regardless of race and religion, to be the nation’s leader, if the rakyat wanted it to happen sounds rather unconvincing. It even sounds ridiculous.

The truth of the matter is that it could only happen if Umno agrees or permits it to happen – which is utterly impossible. It can only happen if the BN is defeated and an alternative party or coalition which is not race-based comes into power. Until then it will only remain wishful thinking.

When a qualified person like Low Siew Moi cannot be accepted as the acting CEO of PKNS, what hope is there for higher political office to be occupied by someone regardless of colour and creed? Just take note of the vehement opposition that is being mounted against her appointment solely because she is not a Malay.

Has the Prime Minister condemned this unreasonable opposition to this well-deserved appointment?

Malaysians had for 50 years given their support to the Alliance/Barisan Nasional. All the component parties had participated in the election not under their party banner. They stood under the BN banner and were accordingly elected.

In view of this, the MCA had requested that a second BN Deputy Chairman’s post be created and filled by someone from the MCA. (At present the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of the BN are all from Umno.) It has also been suggested that the Deputy Prime Minister could be decided by the component parties of the BN.

What has been the response from the Prime Minister? If he had responded positively to these suggestions, then we can see some hope for the emergence of non-racial politics in Malaysia.

Until then, we can continue to hear words that have no meaning.


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