Media, Democracy and Human Rights

Media Awareness Workshop:

Media, Democracy and Human Rights

Sunway Hotel, George Town , Penang

Saturday,7th March 2009 from 8.30am -5.30pm,

sponsored by the Canadian High Commission.

The workshop is primarily for young people, from upper secondary schools and colleges and higher learning institutions, given that this is the generation that is most exposed to and influenced by the media in their daily lives.

The workshop aims to raise the level of awareness of participants in 3 areas

·        the various aspects of the media industry in Malaysia ,

·        the laws and other restrictions that affect the media industry and democracy,

·        how to critically ‘read’ the media.

The workshop is structured in a manner which will allow for input from the speakers as well as active participation by the participants. There will be break-up sessions to encourage participants ‘read critically’ the content of the media. Comparisons will also be made between mainstream media and the Internet media

It is hoped that such ‘media awareness’ or ‘media literacy’ would empower young people as active citizens of a democracy to demand real changes in the way the news is reported.

As places are limited, registration prior to the workshop is required. The registration fee for the workshop is RM10/- only. This can be given as cash or in a cheque made out to Aliran and sent to Aliran at 103 Medan Penaga, Jelutong 11600, Penang by the 28th of February, 2009.

For further information please contact Evelyn at the Aliran office at 04-6585251.


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