THIS UNIQUE COLLECTION OF ANALYTICAL PAPERS contains the arguments supporting Musawah, the Global Movement for Equality and Justice in the Muslim Family. These resource materials look at why equality and justice are possible within an Islamic framework, and why they are necessary given the socio-economic realities of today’s Muslim societies.

The collection’s strength is that it brings together analysis from a remarkably broad range of disciplines to support rights-based reform of Muslim family laws and the protection of existing rights. These disciplines include: Qur’anic exegesis, fiqh or jurisprudence, socio-legal history and analysis, international human rights law, gender studies, political science, sociology and economics.

Although the contributions are from leading scholars and analysts in the field, the style is designed to be accessible to all who are concerned about the need for equality and justice in the Muslim family.

As a concise resource for the Musawah movement, the book also contains the Musawah Framework for Action, a collectivelydeveloped holistic approach that lays the foundation for the claim that family laws and practices can-and must-change to reflect equality and justice and the lived realities of Muslims today.

Product Detail
ISBN:      9789832622260
Author:      Edited by Zainah Anwar
Publisher:      Musawah
Year:      2009
No of Pages:      264
Price: MYR 28.00 (excluding postage cost)

To order;

1. Pls SMS 019-2232002 (Type <Item10Jan09>)
2. After confirmation from the administrator, pay the amount to maybank2u.com or Maybank Kawanku to account Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

* choices: maybank.2u.com, Maybank kawanku ATM, or the nearest Maybank branches near you.


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