DTP’s 2009 Human Rights and Business Program

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) is calling for applications for its 2009 Human Rights Advocacy and Business Capacity Building Program for advocates to be held in Bangalore, India from 13-20 July. The program aims to assist non-government and community advocates from Asia-Pacific countries and Indigenous Australia to respond practically to the challenges for human rights posed by the growing power and influence of corporations. Participants will explore how emerging human rights standards and codes of conduct relevant to corporations can be applied in practice by developing practical skills for holding business accountable to its human rights responsibilities, including research skills, lobbying and working with the media.  The program will include a focus on the work of the UN SRSG on Human Rights and Business.

An application form and brochure of additional information about the program is attached. These may also be accessed via the dtp website. All applications must be received by DTP by 24 April 2009. Please distribute this email to your networks, colleagues and contacts who might benefit from the course. For further information please contact the Diplomacy Training Program by phone: (612) 9385-3549 or by email: dtp@unsw.edu.au.

Kind regards,


Sarah Gembarowski

Administrator/ Accounts

Diplomacy Training Program | Faculty of Law, U.N.S.W

Sydney NSW 2052 | AUSTRALIA

T +61 2 9385 3549 | F + 61 2 9385 1778 |

E dtp@unsw.edu.au | W http://www.dtp.unsw.edu.au

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